The Maverick Grotto

The Maverick Grotto

Celebrating 20 years as a Texas caving organization in 2006!  The Maverick Grotto is the local caving club of Fort Worth and Tarrant County Texas. We are dedicated to promoting safe, fun, and environmentally conscious caving.  Our grotto is an internal organization of the National Speleological Society.

The Maverick Grotto is inactive effective November 2009!

Colorado Bend State Park, Texas

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This group of photos is from various caver camping areas around the park.

There is no public caving on the park.  To enter caves, one must be an attendee of the volunteer project or go on a fee based guided wild cave tour offered by TPWD.  For more information, visit the link below.

Map to Park

Pictures taken by Butch Fralia using both film and digital cameras.  Photo credits for other photographers will be given for the individual photo.

All photos are © The Maverick Grotto and the respective photographer
All Rights reserved!

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Colorado Bend State Park - First Camp at Spicewood Creek 1987 Colorado Bend State Park - Tent trailers Colorado Bend State Park - Antique Mobile Scout Trailer

The current project began in November of 1987, cavers started camping on the Colorado River at Spicewood Creek before the park was open.

Keith Heuss 11/87

Time has seen cavers camp in a number of areas and evolve from primitive tent campers to trailer campers.

Over time, the trailers even got bigger even if some come from antiquity.

Colorado Bend State Park - snow at caver camp Colorado Bend State Park - Hamburger helper Colorado Bend State Park - Portable Propage Grill

Having a trailer wasn't a bad thing in February 2004.

Having a dry place to cook a meal on a cold wet evening isn't a bad thing either.

Cooking after a long day on the caving trail.  Food cooked outside always tastes better.

Colorado Bend State Park - Jody Horton's safari trailer Colorado Bend State Park - Jan and Mica Fell's caver camp Colorado Bend State Park - Scott Boyd's caver camp

Jody Horton's safari trailer provides the best of both worlds.

Jan and Mica Fell have a campsite more typical of cavers.

As does Scott Boyd.

Colorado Bend State Park - Eric Flint borrowed camper Colorado Bend State Park - Dump site of Gorman Falls shower house Colorado Bend State Park - New Friendships

Eric Flint borrowed a camper to try out for a weekend.

An old dump by the camping area, this was once the shower house at Gorman Falls Camp.

A lot of new friendships have been formed at CBSP caver camp.

Colorado Bend State Park - Jim Kennedy Jody Horton atop his safari trailer - Cat Kennedy Jody Horton (L) and Eric Flint hanging out - Cat Kennedy

Jim Kennedy gets his gear together for the days caving trip.

Cat Kennedy

Jody Horton atop his safari trailer.

Cat Kennedy

Jody Horton (L) and Eric Flint hanging out.

Cat Kennedy

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