The Maverick Grotto

The Maverick Grotto

Celebrating 20 years as a Texas caving organization in 2006!  The Maverick Grotto is the local caving club of Fort Worth and Tarrant County Texas. We are dedicated to promoting safe, fun, and environmentally conscious caving.  Our grotto is an internal organization of the National Speleological Society.

The Maverick Grotto is inactive effective November 2009!

Hill's Gate Cave, Texas

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Hauling tripod to aid in dragging buckets of dirt and rock to the surface

Mark Gee invented a tripod hauling rig that he donated to the project to stay at the cave.

Easier to work with but buckets are still heavy

Much easier to work with but the buckets a still heavy.  A double pully system force multiplier will be used next trip.

Ernie Parker observer, first outing after open heart surgery

Ernie Parker observing.  This is his first outing after open heart surgery.

Mark Gee and his invention

Mark Gee showing off his invention.

30' ladder in dig pit

The owner had a 30' ladder made to get in and out of the pit with.  Another 10' section will have to added soon.

Looking into the pit while down climbing the ladder

Looking into the pit while going down the ladder.

On the inside looking out

On the inside looking out.

View showing the pit wall

In this view, the flash shows the sides of the pit.

Emu on cave property

A familiar site on this property, the sinkhole was almost named EMU Cave.

  EMU foot, birds are more dangerous than they appear

There aint no friendly kick boxing match with this dude.  Say good night Gracie!


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